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FAQ - Part 2
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ic_faq_q.gif (144 Byte)Is it possible to create Direct Access Codes, which work on more than one computer?

ic_faq_a.gif (148 Byte)No, Direct Access Codes are always just valid on the computer on which they were created. If you need such functionality you should consider using network Members. Unlike the Direct Access Codes, the time, which is stored on a Network Member account, can be used on every computer, which is connected to the TimeWatcher Network.

ic_faq_q.gif (144 Byte)Is there a version of TimeWatcher for the Mac / for Linux?

ic_faq_a.gif (148 Byte)Unfortunately not:(

ic_faq_q.gif (144 Byte)I downloaded the trial version of TimeWatcher, how do I install it?

ic_faq_a.gif (148 Byte)To reduce the filesize of TimeWatcher and thereby speed up the download, TimeWatcher is distributed as a packed zip-achieve. For that reason you need to "unzip" it, before you can start with the installation. To unzip, please use the program Winzip, which can be downloaded from After unzipping the TimeWatcher file, you can start the installation by executing the program. "setup.exe"

ic_faq_q.gif (144 Byte)I do not have a credit card, is there any other way to pay for TimeWatcher licenses?

ic_faq_a.gif (148 Byte)By far the easiest and fastest way to purchase TimeWatcher licenses is to use a credit card and our online registration page at our distributor RegNow. For questions about the registration process with Regnow please contact them at
European customers can also wire the money to our German account, please contact our support at for details
A third way is to use the western union money transfer. For details visit their webpage at

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support at

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