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The price per TimeWatcher license depends on the number of licenses you are purchasing

Name of license

Number of licenses

Price in USD


Single license 1 - 5 25.00 per license
Small site license 6 - 10 125.00 for all licenses
Medium site license 11 - 15 185.00
Large site license 16 - 20 240.00
Unlimited site license 21 - 99 280.00
Administrator license



per license

Please consider that, in order to control TimeWatcher over a Network, you have to purchase the licenses for the client computers plus one extra Administration License. Even the "Unlimited site license" does not include an Administrator license.

If for example you own an Internet Cafe with 10 computers for customers and one extra administration computer you would have to purchase the “6-10 license” (USD 125.00) plus the administration license (USD 35.00).

For a location with two client computers and one administration computer the best option would to purchase two “Single licenses” (2 x USD 25.00 = USD 50.00) plus the administration license (USD 35.00).

You need to purchase a license for every computer on which TimeWatcher will be running at the same time. If TimeWatcher is using the Networking functions, it keeps track that not more copies are used than the maximal number of licenses you purchased.

The "Unlimited site license" is only valid in one location with one administration computer. If TimeWatcher is operated on more than one location and/or with more than one administration computer a different "Unlimited site license" has to be purchased for every location. Please contact the TimeWatcher support for quotes on multiple site licenses.

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