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Version 5.11
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Version 5.11 - Current Release

+ Price rule amount can now have up to 4 digits after the
  decimal seperator - better rounding
+ New function: TimeWatcher can now disconnect all Dialup
  Connections when switching to lock mode
+ New function: TimeWatcher can set up restrictions on the
  client computers 
+ New function: Desktop cleanup - Programs are terminated
  when TimeWatcher switches to lock mode
+ New function: Employees can change password and sec.
  formula by themselves
+ New function: Employees permission to get a snapshot
  of a client computers desktop 
+ New function: TimeWatcher offers now an DDE interface
  to external applications
+ Bug fixed: Transmission of Snapshots could cause
+ New function: TimeWatcher can now record refunds
+ New function: In the price rules a happy hour with lower
  prices can be defined
+ New function: TimeWatcher records in the log file, which
  client computer was used
+ New function: TimeWatcher rembers the setting of hours
  and minutes in the Network Dialog after restart
+ New function: Event "NM Set to zero" added in statistic
+ Bug fixed: TimeWatcher can now also restart Windows
  2000/XP computers
+ Bug fixed: Setting New Network Member creation price to
  non numeric value could crashed TW
+ New coloring to Network Member and Network status added
+ New function added: Network member sheets can be pre-
  charged with time
+ Bug fixed: Certain DirectX games could interfere with the 
  switching to lock mode
+ Bug fixed: Entering certain characters in to the Manual time
  preset could lead to problems when options dialog was closed
+ Bug removed: Wrong errormessage if "Add Time" button was
  pressed without having Network Members enabled
+ Bug fixed: 2 worked in the unregistered version as
  a password
+ Bug fixed: In some situations there where no sales statistics
  shown for some employees
+ Bug fixed: Forbidden Windows "somewhere" matching was
  not case sensitive
+ Bug fixed: Checkboxes below forbidden windows list where
  sometimes all deactivated
+ New function: If TimeWatcher can't close a forbidden window
  it terminates the process
+ Bug fixed: Pausing TimeWatcher during the last seconds of
  remaining computer time could lead to longer usage
+ Bug fixed:  If Client Computer was disconnected in options
  mode its status was not immediately updated
+ Bug fixed: Shutdown allowed in main dialog was not saved
  in options I/O file
+ Bug fixed: When jumping to a Network Member by search
  string displayed values are now updated
+ Improvements in the connection routine for clients

(c) by 1998-2006 -

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