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FAQ - Part 1
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ic_faq_q.gif (144 Byte)Why is there always the password displayed in the Security Check?

ic_faq_a.gif (148 Byte)Because you are using the unregistered evaluation copy of TimeWatcher. If you register the password won't be displayed any more.

ic_faq_q.gif (144 Byte)During the setup TimeWatcher asks me about the update of system files. What shall I do?

ic_faq_a.gif (148 Byte)In some cases during the setup TimeWatcher finds system files which are not up to date. In this case the Setup program asks whether you want to update these files. Answer 'yes' to update them. After TimeWatcher has done the update it asks for a reboot of the computer. Answer 'yes' again. After this reboot you have to start the SETUP.EXE program a second time to continue with the installation.

ic_faq_q.gif (144 Byte)Does TimeWatcher run with Windows NT / 2000 / XP?

ic_faq_a.gif (148 Byte)Yes, TimeWatcher was also tested with Windows NT 4.0 / Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Some functions of TimeWatcher are disabled in Windows NT, because they are obsolete in these Operating systems (e.g. Forbidden Windows Function). If you use TimeWatcher with Windows NT / 2000 it is very important to disable the Task Manager, because it could be used by a user to terminate the TimeWatcher task.

ic_faq_q.gif (144 Byte)Why doesn't the Admin computer accept the connection of a client computer? What's wrong with my number of licenses?

ic_faq_a.gif (148 Byte)If TimeWatcher is operated with its network functionality it keeps track of the number of connected computers. If you already reached the number of computers of your license and try to connect another Client, the Administration computer will refuse the connection. In this case you can delete a computer from the Computer list in the Admin Network dialog or purchase a higher number of licenses.

ic_faq_q.gif (144 Byte)I just can't get a connection between the Client and the Admin computer.

ic_faq_a.gif (148 Byte)This problem can have many reasons. First of all you should check the IP addresses and port numbers you entered in the Options Dialog. If that doesn't help you should check your Network with the ping command (see TimeWatcher Online Help). To find out more about how to Setup a Network go to the Network Links Page in the Internals Section of this website.

ic_faq_q.gif (144 Byte)I re-installed TimeWatcher and now an error occurs while reading the Network Member database

ic_faq_a.gif (148 Byte)The Nework Member database is protected with the password of the Admin user in the Administration version of TimeWatcher. If the password is resetted after a re-installation, TimeWatcher is not able to access the database anymore. To solve that problem, just set the Admin Password in the Administration Version of TimeWatcher to the same password, which you were using before reinstalling TimeWatcher.

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