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Security Hints
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Here are some suggestions how you can protect your computer from people with bad intentions

  • Include all window titles of programs you don't want to be used on your computer to the forbidden window list in the Options Dialog
  • Configure the Boot order in the Bios in a way that the computer just boots from the harddisk and not from a floppy or a cdrom. This avoids that a user can boot the system with his/her own boot disk
  • Protect the Bios with a password (Enter the Bios setup when the computer boots and enable the password option).
  • Install an anti virus program which automatically checks every disk inserted in the floppy drive. This helps you to protect your system from viruses. The title of the anti virus program configuration window should be also on the forbidden windows list.
  • Enable the Restrictions which TimeWatcher offers on the Restrictions Configuration Tab. It is especially important to set restrictions on the registry editor and the Windows control panel.
  • Make occasional backups of the registry files (sytem.dat and registry.dat in the windows directory). These files are especially important for the system because they contain the data of the registry database.
  • For Windows 95/98/ME: To protect the computer during start up you should change the file MSDOS.SYS, which is a hidden textfile, stored in the root directory of the computer (usually C:) The file has an options section, where you can add the following line


    This disables the startup keys F5, F6 and F8

  • For Windows NT/2000/XP: Don't let anyone use the computer with administrator privileges but you.

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