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More features
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Besides the basic functions TimeWatcher offers many additional features.

  • Log File - TimeWatcher can record all actions to a log file. With the help of that file, it can for example be analyzed, at what time TimeWatcher was running, when computers were locked and unlocked and whether forbidden windows where closed.
  • Desktop Cleanup - TimeWatcher memorizes, which programs where opened during the session of a customer. After the customer logs off, TimeWatcher can close these programs, so the next user will find a clean desktop.
  • Automatic Hangup - When TimeWatcher switches to log mode, it can disconnect any Dialup session which is still in use. This function helps to minimize your online costs.
  • Localization - The most important texts in the main dialog can be localized to any language.
  • and many more features, which you can discover by testing our free evaluation version

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