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Version 5.10
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Version 5.10 - Released Mai 10 2002 - Beta Version

+ For easier usage from there exist two TimeWatcher versions:
  One for families and one for businesses
+ Log and Statistics functions added
+ Log and Statistics dialog added
+ Reporting functions added for Sales
+ Controlling Functions for employees added
+ New snapshot function shows desktop of client computer
+ New function: Sheets with 8, 12 and 16 Network Members
  can now be created at once
+ New function: Support email generating function for
  better support
+ Random Network Member Names are numeric for
  easier searching
+ Bug fixed: If Client was connected to network and TimeDistr.
  was enabled TimeWatcher displayed main dialog wrong
+ Tab Stop order in Network Dialog improved
+ New function: Network Member can be found in list by entering
  the first letters of the name
+ Serial number is not displayed in options dialog any more
+ New function - TimeWatcher main dialog can be hidden after
  a certain time
+ Bug removed: After TimeDistributor and DirectAccess configu-
  ration sometimes Main Dialog Layout was wrong.
+ Bug removed: In rare cases Registry keys were resolved wrong
+ Imporvement: Message Window is now always in front
+ Improvement: Mousclipping in Adminsitration version
+ Improved Uninstall routine

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