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Version 3.00
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Version 3.0 - Released October 13, 1998 - Name changed to TimeWatcher because of copyrights.

+ Minor changes to make TimeWatcher fully compatible to Windows98
+ Fixed bug: It won't be possible anymore to start TimeWatcher more
  than one time
+ Lock function improved: Mouspointer is now limited to the TimeWatcher
  Window. This should improve the lock function
+ Fixed bug: Online help removed from the secured dialogs, because in a
  very tricky way it is possible to start programs out of the windows
  online help. Now the program provides the help itself
+ Fixed bug: Windows, which have the "always on top" option enabled,
  will now also be covered by the blocking window
+ Added Hotkey support to dialogs
+ New Direct Access Code Function implemented
+ Help window funtion for Options Dialog added
+ Fixed bug: Entering letters instead of numbers for the time could
  freeze the program
+ Fixed bug in options Dialog - Log-File can't now be empty anymore
+ Fixed bug: Pausing Timer blocks now system completly
+ Improved the 'Get Titel Function'

(c) by 1998-2006 -

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