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More features
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Besides the basic functions TimeWatcher offers many additional features.

  • Desktop Cleanup - TimeWatcher remembers which programs were opened during the session of a customer. After the log off, TimeWatcher closes these programs, so the next user will find a clean desktop
  • Employee accounts - Every Employee in your business has an own account with configurable privileges. In the logging dialog, you have a complete overview on which actions were performed by your employees and for how long they were working.
  • DDE Interface - If you need additional functionalities, which are special for your business only, you can develop your own TimeWatcher add-ons. These add-ons can easily communicate with TimeWatcher via the DDE Interface.
  • Configurable Background - When TimeWatcher is in locked mode, it can display a freely configurable background. There you can display information like food/beverage menus or advertisements, which bring an additional income.
  • Localization - The most important texts for your customers can be localized to a language different than english
  • and many more, which you can try out by testing our free evaluation version

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