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Version 4.00
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Version 4.0 - Released October 26, 1999

+ Network functionlity added. TimeWatcher works now with Networks,
  which is very useful for comercial users
+ Time Distributer Function added. A very educational tool for parents
+ New feature added: Now you can save the options to a file which helps
  you to export the options to multiple computers 
+ Security dialog improved: No more long waiting times for wrong codes and
  easier handling due to new mechanism.
+ Timer Dialog improved: Remaining Time can now be displayed in a tiny
  window at the top of the screen.
+ Improved registry read/write routines. TimeWatcher is now able to work
  faster and with a higher error acceptance with the registry
+ File Requesters in options dialog added, they should avoid some typing
+ Bug with Error Dialogs removed. Because the error dialogs can disturb
  the mouse clipping TimeWatcher has now it's own error dialogs, which
  seem to be even a little better then the windows ones :)
+ Localization function added: Now the labels, most important for the 
  normal user, can be translated into every language.
+ New registration procedere: After registration, the user no longer
  gets binary files but just a user name and a code. That makes the
  registration process much faster and easier and means less downloads
  for the user. 
+ Logo support. TimeWatcher can now display a user logo in the blocking
+ Fixed bug: When the message box "wrong Direct Access Code" was moved
  the mouse clipping was deactivated
+ Autostart Function improved: TimeWatcher can now start earlier in the
  Windows startup.
+ Improved mouse clipping: Gives more security
+ Online Help actualisized and improved
+ Diplay of Direct Access Codes improved. Now also the comment is 

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