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Version 5.00
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Version 5.00 - Released June 11 2001 - Beta version

+ New Network member function
+ TimeWatcher has two modes now: The Administration mode and the
  Client mode for easier setup
+ Much easier configuration of TimeWatcher with the help ot new wizzards
+ TimeWatcher main dialog adapts now to setup. For a better overview it
  show only the needed controls
+ Background of TimeWatcher main dialog can be now completly filled with
  a graphic
+ New Function for Time Distributor makes it possible to force a user
  to take a break after a certain time
+ Network dialog is now resizeable and maximizes nicely
+ Registry problems with Windows NT/2000 privileges were fixed
+ Removed problems with early Autostart and Windows NT/20000
+ Problem which made it possible to exit TimeWatcher during startup
  was fixed
+ New shutdown button in TimeWatcher main dialog
+ New function to shutdown clients over the network
+ Bug fixed: Program crashed if hour or minute boxes were left blank
  while timer was started
+ Bug fixed: The sign in of multiple administrators could crash
+ Bug fixed, Network Dialog display was mixed up when closed and
  reopend in one program session
+ Bug fixed, under certain circumstances a bug in the MS Windsock
  control could trigger an fatal error in TimeWatcher in Win2K
+ New Option makes it possible to hide the manual TimeControl in
  the TimeWatcher main dialog
+ License management tightend: Better control that the right
  number of licenses is purchased
+ Windows Hotkeys in Administration mode not longer deactivated
+ Registration made easier: New function to register a whole network
  with a click of a button
+ Bug fixed: pressing 'Cancel' in Options Dialog after changing
  Passwort or security formula could lead to wrong values of t hem
+ Improvement: No more irretating warning message, when Clients
  start up and don't find the administration computer
+ Bug fixed: All forms work now with non standard window titles heights
+ New Option makes it possible to protect the access to the options
  dialog from the Network dialog
+ Bug fixed: If computer crashed during TimeDistributor Session after
  reboot it continued with same ID
+ Button renamed in Time Distributor: Button "Reset" renamed
  to "Recharged", more intuitive
+ New function to register all clients in a network with just
  the click of a button
+ New option: Log Files can be optimized for spreadsheet or human
  readable format
+ Problems with Registry writing (Espacially Autostart)

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