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Version 4.11
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Version 4.11 - Released December, 13 1999

+ New Function: Now the admin can sent messages to the clients
+ New Function: The computer list in the Network window can now be
+ New Function: Admin can keep a lock of unlocking actions in CSV-Format.
  The log can be imported in a Spreadsheet or Database for analysation.
+ Improvement: Onlinehelp now also works without problems on WinNT
+ Clients don't dicconnect any more if they don't get feedback from
  server, just error messages are surpressed.
+ Added Hotkeys to the Network Dialog
+ Bug fixes: The help button in the Network Dialog could have a wrong
+ Improvement: Now the default houres/minutes option also is the preset
  in the Network Dialog
+ Improvement: Message Dialog can now also be displayed in pause mode
+ Bug fixed: If computer was a Client IP of admin could be displayed wrong
  in Options dialog.

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